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Seniors, WE created the internet, so why do we think it’s only for the younger generations?

Get up to speed with Home Tech Tutors. We come to you either at your home, community center, library or even a Starbucks. Your choice, whichever is easiest!. We help you get basic knowledge of tablets, cell phones and the internet to contact friends, relatives and anyone or anything without leaving your home. Shop, converse or write to everyone and keep upto date on everything around you and worldwide.

Did you take a computer science class in High School or College? Probably not if you went to school prior to 1975.

So how are you suppose to know about todays technology? With relatives, friends, reading on your own or worse yet trial and error? Jump into todays technology world quickly and effortlessly with Home Tech Tutors. 
We come to your home, business, or any location to one on one tutor session with you on the basics of tablets and phones at your speed and pace.
Call to set up an appointment to todays answer to books, theaters, libraries, shopping malls, and all contacts with friends, relatives and those high school friends you’ve lost touch with. All this in the palm of your hand any time of day. 

Technology pass you by? NO it didn't, call us and in one hour you're up to speed.

We are not nerds or geniuses, but rather knowledgable, very patient people like you looking to give the gift of technology to everyone. Never say " I am technology challenged" again! WE come to your home, or center or where ever just call us (214)550-8776 and we can answer all your questions.